Discover why we do what we do

What are our values?


We are creatively-led and make games that stand on their own. Our games are either the best in their genre or brand new experiences that no-one has seen before and we make sure everything we create is held to those standards.



We share with one another, with everyone in the team, and with our players. We are open about what we do, why we do it, how we do it and we are unafraid of asking others for help. We recruit others into our work as equals and we work candidly with our partners. We also communicate clearly with our players, making them feel part of Bossa too.



We find joy in the process of creation and feel rewarded when they provide joy to others. We are silly, hungry, curious and refuse to grow up. We have fun with what we do, use that fun to power us forward, and we make sure that we bring that to our players.



We care about those around us and they care about us too. We appreciate any support, advice and help that they can give us, while valuing the support we can give them. Ideas can come from anyone and we know that every team member contributes to our success.



We always look to make ourselves better by learning from what we’ve done. We know there is no success without failure and we make sure that everyone understands that. We value constructive feedback, using it to improve whatever we’re doing. We also question the status quo, consistently looking for better and more efficient ways to do our work.



When opportunity knocks, we answer quickly. We are willing to take an opportunity when it opens up to us, we explore exciting new ideas that have potential and we are willing to quickly change course if we think that’s the best option on the table.